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2014 OYAA Recipients

Gavin Miller

Gavin (17) is being recognized as an outstanding youth for his ongoing contribution to the community of Marsh Lake and beyond. He is a dedicated volunteer firefighter who is passionate about ensuring community safety. Gavin has a sense of duty and responsibility in his community and goes the extra mile to check up on residents and their property. He has volunteered at Marsh Lake Community Center for many years and helps during events wherever he can. He has also volunteered his time to assist with the annual Frostbite and Blue Feather music festivals in Whitehorse. Through his actions Gavin has shown great community spirit and exemplary youth leadership

Kuduat Shorty

Kuduat (17) is being recognized as an outstanding youth for his ongoing contribution to The Boys and Girls Club of Whitehorse. For nearly a decade he has been a dedicated member of the club and a positive role model. Kuduat has developed into a mentor to younger participants and constantly leads by example. He was a participant in the Young Riders program, one who encouraged the boys and girls to experience new things like riding down a challenging hill. He acts as chaperone at the club by modeling excellent behaviour and watching over younger youth. Kuduat’s contribution has created a ripple effect beyond the Boys and Girls Club.


Shyloh van Delft

Shyloh (20) is being recognized as an outstanding youth for her positive influence in the community of Tagish. From a young age she has been passionate about birding in Yukon, which has had a positive impact upon residents and the community. She consistently leads interpretive bird walks and mentors younger Yukoners to encourage their interest in the outdoors. Shyloh takes initiative in her passion by organizing funding events to support birding stations in Yukon. She also lends a hand at numerous community events and is a positive mentor to other youth. Shyloh joined the Tagish Volunteer Fire Department at sixteen years old, and became a full-fledged firefighter at eighteen. She serves not only as a role model for young people but as an example to all residents of what community service means.


Rhyann MacKay, Emily Knickle & Clara Reid

Rhyann, Emily and Clara are being recognized as outstanding youth for being role models and dedicated volunteers who take initiative. Their role as members of the Social Justice Club at Vanier Catholic School has led to raising awareness for various organizations, both local and global. By contributing to the collecting and sorting of food for the Soup Kitchen, Food Bank and an outreach van they have raised awareness of poverty, hunger and homelessness in the community.


Rhyann MacKay

Rhyann (17) is a strong leader and a positive influence who is involved with several child and youth ministries at her church. She is a leader of the Quest Program for youth, and has assisted in planning weekend retreats for the program. In summer she is a counsellor at a three-week long camp for children.


Emily Knickle         

Emily (18) is a positive role model and is a member of the One Heart Club (Vanier’s gay-straight alliance) and a previous Student Council secretary. She demonstrates strong leadership qualities by speaking passionately and encouraging younger students to make a difference. She was recently awarded the “Senior Spirit Music Award” by


Clara  Reid

Clara (17) is an advocate for the environment who was recently involved in the Envirothon and joined the Raven Recycling Board as a youth board member. She leads by example and takes risks in order to promote environmental issues. Clara also excels as a musician and has passed along her love and skill for music has a violin instructor.