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2013 OYAA Recipients


Sophia Flather                  
Age: 20

Sophia is being recognized as an outstanding youth for her work as a volunteer, tutor and role model. Her actions include working as a tutor to help students from the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, taking part in her school's Social Justice Club, and volunteering for a number of causes both in and out of Yukon. Sophia has also spent time in Old Crow working for the VGFN Heritage Branch, volunteering for community events, and spending her time with elders and younger children. Sophia is an enthusiastic and dedicated individual, devoted to learning about her cultural heritage and giving back to her community.


Cody Park
Age: 17

Cody is being recognized as an outstanding youth for his efforts as a positive mentor, youth leader and role model. He has been coaching sports for other youth at Vanier Catholic Secondary School for years, providing students with mentorship and support. This year, Cody was chosen as Valedictorian during his First Nations Grad due to the example he has set both academically and in sport. He recognizes the value of the support he has received throughout his life, and is committed to bringing such support to other youth.


Travis Banks
Age: 18
Travis is being recognized as an outstanding youth for his great work as a soccer coach for younger kids. He has been volunteering for Whitehorse Minor Soccer, acting as a positive role model and mentor for the participants while focusing on the importance of fair play, teamwork, equality and fun. He will be part of Team Yukon at the Canada Summer Games this year, and will also be involved in running soccer camps for kids. By dedicating his time, energy and talent Travis is passing on his love of sport and team spirit to a new generation of players.



Finley Sparling &
Vera Schall

Ages: 16 & 17
Finley and Vera are being recognized as outstanding youth for their ongoing contribution to the community of Marsh Lake. They are consistent volunteers at community events, helping out whenever they can. In addition to being a dedicated volunteer, Finley has worked as a sailing camp instructer for youth, and he continues to act as a leader and role model. Vera has recently been involved in running children's programming as Youth Recreation Assistant. She is also credited with coordinating the Marsh Lake Annual Dog Show. Through their activities and involvement, these two individuals have shown great community spirit and exemplary youth leadership.