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Youth camps listings are added as details are made available. Get your camp listing added to this page: Email gord.kurzynski@gov.yk.ca your camp details for consideration.

Summer Camps 2017

Bethany Church Camp Yukon
Dates: July 2-8, July 9-15 and July 16-22
For: Youth ages 8-18
Cost: $300/week
Find out more: call 668-4817 or visit 
Camp Yukon

Boys & Girls Clubs of Yukon Camp F.I.R.E.
Dates: July 4th - August 25th 2017
For: Youth ages 6-12
Cost: $200/week*
Special discount of $25 off per week, per child for all registrations before July 1st!
Home cooked meals and snacks included!
Find out more: call 393-2824 ext. 203 or visit

Braeburn Lake Summer Camps
Dates: various camps July 2-28
For:  Youth ages 6-14
Cost: up to $200/week
Find out more: call 393-5011 or visit http://braeburncamp.ca/

Canada Games Centre - Active Living Summer Camps
Dates: June 19-August 25 
For: Youth ages 4-16
Cost: $120-$240/week
Find out more:  call 668-8360 or visit
Active Living Guide

City of Whitehorse: Leader in Training 1 
Dates: July 10-21
For: Youth ages 13-16
Cost: $120-240/week
Find out more: call 668-8360 or visit Active Living Guide

Environment Yukon - Conservation Action Team
Dates: June 21-28; July 11-18; August 1-10
For: Youth going into grade 7-8 (June & July dates) / youth going into grade 9-10 (August dates)
Cost: $100 or $150 per session
Find out more: visit Conservation Action Team

Equinox Adventure Camps

Dates: June 19-September 1
For: Youth ages 5-12
Cost: $350/week
Find out more: call 456-7846 or visit
Equinox Adventure

Equinox Adventure Leadership Program
Dates: June 26-30, July 10-14 and July 24-28
For: Youth ages 10-14
Cost: $475/week
Find out more: call 456-7846 or visit Equinox Adventure

Flatwater Yukon
Canoe Kids Camps and Regatta Ready
Dates: June 9 - August 18
For: Youth ages 8-16
Cost: $275 /week Canoe Kids and $300/2weeks Regatta Ready
Find out more: call 867 334-8121 or visit www.flatwateryukon.ca

Heart Bar Ranch: Horse Lover's Camp
Dates: various camps June 21-August 4
For: Girls ages 8-14
Cost: $400-$850 per camp
Find out more: call 393-1955 or visit Heart Bar Ranch

Heart of Riverdale Community Centre

Dates: June 21-August 26
For: Youth ages 5-12 (except RAWK Band)
Cost: $160/week (3 day week); $220/week; $250/week (RAWK Band)
Find out more: visit Heart of Riverdale

Keish Camps
Dates: various camps June 19 - August 18
For: Youth ages 6-14
Cost: FREE
Find out more: call 633-7680 or email sjfcfriends@nothwestel.net

Leaping Feats
Dates: June 21 to August 18
For:  Youth ages 5-12 (except the Summer Dance Intensive)

Cost: $160 (3 day week); $220/week; $550/week (Summer Dance Intensive)
Find out more: visit Leaping Feats

Learning Disabilities Association Camp Raven
Dates: June 26- July 7; July 10-21; July 31-August 11; August 14-25
For: Children and youth with learning difficulties ages 7-14
Cost: $400/session
Find out more: call 668-5167 or visit 

MacBride Museum
Dates:  June 21 to August 25
For: Youth ages 6-10
Cost: $105-$200/session
Find out more: call 667-2709 ext. 4 or visit MacBride Museum

Northern Lights School of Dance

Dates: July 17-21; July 24-28 full days / August 22-25 half days
For: Youth ages 8+
Cost: $300 full day sessions / $150 half day sessions (includes GST)
Find out more: call 668-6683 or email info@nlsdyukon.com / visit www.nlsdyukon.com

Polarettes Gymnastics Club
Dates: June 26-August 24
For: Youth ages 4-16
Cost: $200/week (full weeks) / $160 / week (short weeks)
Find out more: visit Polarettes

Rivers to Ridges
Dates: June 19-August 11
For: Youth 6-18 (various age groups)
Cost: $240/week
Find out more: call 668-8360 or visit Rivers to Ridges

Tennis Yukon

Tennis + Soccer camp
Dates: various camps June 26 -August 18
For: Youth 7-12
Cost: $300

Tennis + Golf camp
Dates: various camps July 24-August 25
For: Youth 7-12
Cost: $300

Tennis + Mountain biking camp
Dates: various camps August 7-11 / August 22-25
For: Youth 7-12
Cost: $300
Find out more: visit http://www.tennisyukon.com/junior-programming/ or email

Yukon Breeze Sailing Society
Dates: August 14-18 and August 21-25
For: Youth ages 6 - 14
Cost: $292.50
Find out more: visit http://www.ybss.ca/ or email yukonbreeze@gmail.com

Yukon College (YC) Kids Camps

Dates:  June 26 to August 25
For:  Youth ages 5-13
Cost: various
Find out more: call 668-8819 or visit YC Kids Camps

Yukon Summer Music Camp
Dates: July 31-August 5
For: Youth ages 5-18
Cost: various
Find out more: call 332-9627 or visit Yukon Summer Music Camp

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Dates: June 26 to August 18 
For: Youth 6-9 and 10-14
Cost: $225/week for members / $280/week for non-members (includes GST and transportation from Whitehorse)
Find out more: call 456-7400 or visit Yukon Wildlife Preserve





















































































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