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Youth camps listings are added as details are made available. Get your camp listing added to this page: Email gord.kurzynski@gov.yk.ca your camp details for consideration.

Spring Break Camps 2018

Bethany Church Camp Yukon - Kids / Youth Winter Camp
Dates: March 16-18 (Youth) / March 23-25 (Kids)
For: Kids ages 8-12 and youth ages 13-18
Cost: $99
Find out more: 668-4817 or
Camp Yukon


Breakdancing Yukon Society
Dates: March 19-23 and March 26-29
For: Youth ages 6-12

Cost: $176-$220 per session + GST
Find out more:
Leaping Feats


Canada Games Centre - Spring Break Mania
Dates: March 19-23 and March 26-29
For: Youth ages 5-12
Cost: $120-$150 per session
Find out more: View the
Active Living Guide or call 668-8360


Equinox Adventure Camp
Dates: March 19-23 & March 26-30
For: Youth ages 6-10 and 11-14
Cost: $340/week
Find out more: 334-3725 or
Equinox Adventure

Heart of Riverdale Community Centre

Dates: March 19-23 - Puppet Camp / March 27-31 - Stop-Motion Animation Camp
For: Youth ages 7-15 (kindergarten to grade 7)
Cost: $176-$220 + GST
Find out more: 
Heart of Riverdale

LDAY Centre for Learning - Winter Camp Raven
Dates: March 19-23 for 10-12 year olds / March 26-29 for 7-9 year olds
For: Children and youth with learning difficulties
Cost: $180-$200 per session (support is available)
Find out more: 668-5167 or Winter Camp Raven


Mount Sima
Dates: March 19-31 - three 1/2 or full day; six 1/2 or full day camps
For: Youth ages 4-7 and 7-12
Cost: $119-$349
Find out more:  668-4557 ext. 2 or Mount Sima
















































































































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